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Our collection specializes in Native American authors and topics, both historical and contemporary, with a focus on the Pacific Northwest. Click the link to the right to search the Library's collections of books, audio books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, and documents. You can also use this link to log into your library account. (Contact us if you need assistance with log-in.)


Featured Books

Food Plants of Coastal Peoples

The traditional diet of the aboriginal people occupying the northwest coast of North America was predominantly fish, shellfish and sea mammals. Nevertheless, coastal First Peoples had an intimate knowledge of local flora, recognizing and using more than 200 species of plants for food, medicine and other purposes. Dr. Nancy Turner has skillfully and intelligibly presented material form existing publications and,more importantly, has added new information she has gathered in an easy to use and accessible format.

“Not simply about mushrooms, this book examines human behavior, economics, food, society, and nature. In the end, readers will have learned a great deal about U.S. economic and social structures—all while being entertained and enlightened by stories of gastronomy and mushrooms. Highly recommended.”Library Journal


Rosemary Gladstar the godmother of modern herbalism, offers a fresh introduction to growing and using 33 of her favorite herbs, complete with tips on introducing an herb patch to your backyard garden and easy to follow recipes for brewing restorative teas, blending soothing salves, and making tinctures, oils, syrups, and pills.

Michael Pilarski, the author of this book, has taken a  lifelong journey learning about medicinal plants.He is a wild crafter,farmer,environmentalist, conservationist, forester, ecologist, ethnobotanist and permaculturist. All of these elements are woven together in this book.There is a wealth of information on Northwest Native Plants, sustainable  wildcrafting, seed collecting,plant uses and more.

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May--A Time for Gathering!

Food is the essence of culture, from the collection, to the preparation, to the serving and then the eating of food; it is what makes us who we are. It binds us to our families, our community, our history, our identity, and our home.

While there have been enormous changes in Coast Salish Native diet and culture over the centuries, a core value of food has survived: food is a blessing, gratefully and respectfully gathered and prepared, given and received with just as much gratification and respect. (


From time immemorial Native Americans have been gathering plants, roots, and berries to supplement their diet of fish, shellfish, and meats. In the spring tender young shoots were welcome after a long winter of dried foods, and berries in the summer were a sweet treat. Plants and trees provided the ingredients for medicines, and salves to heal the body naturally. Native Americans have always used what nature provides to stay healthy.


Come check out our collection of books on plant identification, ethnobotany, and gathering. You could also find books with recipes for teas, infusions, salves and other useful concoctions using natural plants, and herbs.


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