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Our collection specializes in Native American authors and topics, both historical and contemporary, with a focus on the Pacific Northwest. Click the link to the right to search the Library's collections of books, audio books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, and documents. You can also use this link to log into your library account. (Contact us if you need assistance with log-in.) Search Library Catalog or Log-in to your library account


Featured Books

Explore the Salish Sea by Joseph K. Gaydos and Audrey Benedict

Filled with beautiful photography and engaging text, Explore the Salish Sea inspires children to explore the unique marine ecosystem that encompasses the coastal waters from Seattle's Puget Sound up to the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Georgia Strait of British Columbia.(Goodreads)

Exploring the Olympic Mountains by Carsten Lien (Editor)

In this thorough work, Carsten Lien has uncovered and preserved original newspaper articles, diaries, journals, and official accounts -- much of which would otherwise have remained inaccessible or been lost. Illustrated with original drawings, newspaper facsimiles and maps, and annotated with commentary by historians, this book will be the standard reference for historians, writers, environmental activists, and anyone interested in the unique history of this region. (Goodreads)

Indigenous Food Sovereignty in the United States by D.Mihesuah and E. Hoover

Centuries of colonization and other factors have disrupted indigenous communities’ ability to control their own food systems. This volume explores the meaning and importance of food sovereignty for Native peoples in the United States, and asks whether and how it might be achieved and sustained.The contributors include scholar-activists in the fields of ethnobotany, history, anthropology, nutrition, insect ecology, biology, marine environmentalism, and federal Indian law, as well as indigenous seed savers and keepers, cooks, farmers, spearfishers, and community activists. (Amazon)

Recovering Our Ancestors' Gardens by D.Mihesuah

Featuring an array of tempting traditional Native recipes and no-nonsense practical advice about health and fitness, Recovering Our Ancestors' Gardens, by the acclaimed Choctaw author and scholar Devon Abbott Mihesuah, draws on the rich indigenous heritages of this continent to offer a helpful guide to a healthier life. (Goodreads)

Unstoppable: How Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indian School Football Team Defeated Army by Art Coulson

In the autumn of 1912, the football team from Carlisle Indian Industrial School took the field at the U.S. Military Academy, home to the bigger, stronger, and better-equipped West Points Cadets. Sportswriters billed the game as a sort of rematch, pitting against each other the descendants of U.S. soldiers and American Indians who fought on the battlefield only 20 years earlier. But for lightning-fast Jim Thorpe and the other Carlisle players, that day's game was about skill, strategy, and determination. (Goodreads)

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We Celebrate Native American Heritage Month!

If you're looking for ways to celebrate and honor, and learn more about, Native Americans during this month, here are some resources that might help:

6 Stories That Explore Native Storytelling and Contemporary Culture

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The Invention of Thanksgiving (short film)

Speaking of giving thanks, 

háʔnəŋ st nəsčáyəʔčaʔ! (we thank you, our friends!)

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