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Our collection specializes in Native American authors and topics, both historical and contemporary, with a focus on the Pacific Northwest. Click the link to the right to search the Library's collections of books, audio books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, and documents. You can also use this link to log into your library account. (Contact us if you need assistance with log-in.)


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 By Allen & Gill Bridgewater


Next time you're looking for something Different from your usual practical or nostalgic carving project, turn to these fascinating, enigmatic masks, with their power to heal, curse, frighten, or trick, and their use for dancing, mourning, losing inhibitions, or preparing for war. Each of the 12 projects has been carefully researched to offer a range of carving styles. Full-color photos of the finished masks in their original authenticity are accompanied by over 200 scaled working drawings that show essential views, hands-on tool illustrations, and how-to close-ups of procedures and stages.



By:  W. Ben Hunt

Ben Hunt’s readable, easy-to-follow text and hand-drawn diagrams show how to use actual techniques and designs developed and perfected by the Indians.No special tools or even prior skills are required. From making rawhide to putting the finishing touches on a Sioux shirt, beginners and seasoned woodsmen alike will enjoy making the clothing and other objects that American Indians have been using for centuries. In addition, the book will prove a remarkable source of information about the first Americans—their highly developed artistry and design, their beliefs and traditions.



By: Matt Richards

Over 130 photos and illustrations bring you step by step from raw skin to velvety soft buckskin and then show you how to create beautiful garments and useful goods. Designed to be easily understood by the beginner yet rich with details for the experienced, this book teaches tanning as a natural process.  No chemicals are needed!  All the tools and materials are waiting around your home and land. While the tools are simple, having a great method is the key.


By: Christy Ann Hensler

A detailed step-by-step instructions and “how-to” sketches describe the techniques of quillworking, from plucking and preparing the quills, to finishing the product. Based on the original methods used by the Indians, Christy Hensler has brought quillworking into the twentieth century with her contemporary quilled creations.



By: William A. Turnbaugh

and Sarah Peabody Turnbaugh


More than 125 vivid color photographs display Indian-made wrought silver, turquoise, shell and coral jewelry brought together from the American Southwest's bright deserts, red canyon and timeless pueblos. The authors explore the diversity of this hand-crafted jewelry from historic collections as well as those available today on reservations and in shops and galleries. They explain the heritage conveyed by these distinctive products of Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, and Rio Grande Pueblo artisans.

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Are you tired of surfing through internet websites looking for the real news? Do you reach your monthly limit of Seattle Times articles long before the month is up? Would you like access to almost 11,000 newspapers, radio and television programs from around the world? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have a solution! With a few mouse clicks you can have access to Newsbank through the library website. You can find transcripts from television news programs like 60 minutes and 48 hours, or from local channels like KOMO 4 Seattle-Tacoma. If you were listening to Hidden Brain on NPR in the car and didn’t get to hear the end of story, you can find it on Newsbank with a simple search. It’s also easy to create an alert on topics of interest and send them directly to your email box.

Call or email us for a user name and password then you can click on the Research tab and in the box on the right, just below Library Catalog search, you will find NewsBank. You only need to enter the username and password once, and you can access Newsbank anytime thereafter.

Broaden your horizons with news from around the world or around the neighborhood. Happy reading!


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